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A-K Valley Transcription Service

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Please provide the following information when contacting us for a specific price quote.  These are the factors that affect pricing that is geared to each organization's specific needs:


Longevity:  Contracts of 2-3 years duration get better rates than one year contracts.


Volume:  Deeper discounts for larger volumes of work.  Please quote your current volume of transcription or what you anticipate it will be per month (in total lines if possible).


Turnaround time required:  Less than 12 hours (premium rate)

                                        24-36 hours (standard rate)

                                        48-72 hours (discounted rate)


Weekends/Holidays:           Premium rate

Mon through Fri:                Standard rate


Web-based Transcription:  "Standard" transcription rates encompass your physicians calling into our dictation system and transcription sent via secure internet connection (HIPAA compliant) to your server.  If your organization requires web-based transcription so the physicians have 24/7 access to their transcribed reports and advanced functions of auto faxing and electronic signature - these features are available at premium pricing.  Please specify this is your need when contacting us for a price quote.

If you have specific questions or particular needs that are not addressed on this site, please feel free to contact us by using the CONTACT CARD on the A-K Valley Transcription Service Home page.

A-K Valley Transcription Service....Located in the Pittsburgh PA area

But we are able to service clients anywhere in the United States!


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